A Small House – Basalt & Conchita

You might have heard that unstoppable legend Conchita was due to play a gig in Edinburgh this weekend, only for the gig to be cancelled at the last minute due to the fact that the UK denied visas to the three members of Basalt, the band that Conchita was due to perform with.

Basalt are based in Austria, which is the country they’ve made their home since they had to leave Syria as refugees. Here’s an article summarising what happened about their visas.

The collaboration that Basalt and Conchita were due to present is the song A Small House. It is a very, very powerful and beautiful song with terrifying lyrical imagery of losing your home and personhood, matched with the incredibly moving video clip. I just cried in the airport at it. Suitcases in the water. Humanity’s inhumanity and humanity. Friends smiling together. People reaching out to one another in worst circumstances.

I want to hear more from Basalt. Let’s be honest the world needs to hear more from people like Amjad, Noor and Almonther.

Basalt are on Facebook

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