Best Youth – Mirrorball and Midnight Rain

Hello there. We’re off to Lisbon for some big musical jamboree in a week and a bit, and I’ve been listening to Portuguese alternative radio to get acclimated. I thought you might want to hear some Portuguese music that wasn’t fado, because I believe there’s going to be a lot of that.

One of the coolest sounding bands I’ve heard is Best Youth. They sound world weary and cool, but they sound like they’re dancing. Mirrorball, from is a 3am low key minimal disco prayer for dancefloor deliverance.

The super-slick late-night aesthetic continues with new single Midnight Rain, which comes really close to having the beat from Sexual Healing, but is distinctly more about regretful tear-streaked mascara. I am glad there are years of their work to explore, because I’m going to luxuriate in it.

Best Youth have a website

Best Youth are on Bandcamp

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