Game On: Sweden vs South Korea

Two absolute pop powerhouse nations here, and we’re going to have fun with this. I know almost nothing about South Korean pop, but I know that I have some research to do (especially if Eurovision Asia turns out to be a thing) and well, Sweden gonna Swede.

With a bit of a paucity of actual football songs this year, I have to give Samir and Viktor’s ‘Hands Up For Sverige’ a spin. Could this be a more concentrated dose of Swedishness than Petra Mede’s Swedish Smorgasbord?

For South Korea, let’s have the new release from GIRLKIND. I think I’m going to enjoy  a voyage of discovery into K-pop, because it turns out that the pure pop sounds I’m enjoying at the minute (Carly Rae Jepsen, Lea Sirk) have at least a little bit in common with the sound of Seoul.



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