EuroNoize: The Contenders

If you follow my main twitter account you’ll have heard me banging on ceaselessly about EuroNoize. This is a wildly alternative alternative to Eurovision, held in London’s Scala on May 23rd. You should DEFINITELY ATTEND. DEFINITELY ATTEND.

Here’s a quick page of links to music for the competing artists, because lord knows some of this shit is too niche for Spotify.

Czech Republic – Johnny The Horse [wobbly noir punk]

Estonia – Winny Puuh [going strong after 2013’s Eesti Laul disappointment, but making no more sense to be honest]

France – Hassan K [proggy and weird surf-metal which you can dance to]

Germany – Felix Kubin [epic found sound film scores, is going to be challenged by 3 minute rule]

Greece – The Callas [unsettling guitar pop with a culty vibe]

Ireland – Sissy [breezy punks aligned with the forces of good]

Italy – tab_ularasa [compelling solo demonic psych]

Norway – Golden Core [energetic, riffy stoner metal]

Russia – Asian Women On The Telephone [agitating noises, drones, big on extreme visuals and shouting]

Serbia – E-P-P [destroying capitalism by subverting the form of the advertising jingle]

Switzerland – Maraudeur [beeeeeatz and noises with disturbing rhythmic shifts]

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