A Summer Blast of Baltic Chill

Hello! There have been a series of interesting new releases from the Baltic nations this week. Let’s run through them.

Starting in Estonia, long-running faves Frankie Animal are back with Playful. It’s in the same vein as their ultra-cool Eesti Laul entry (Can’t Keep Calling) Misty, but with a positive, sunshiney air instead of the damp misery of a heart getting kicked in down a subway.

Moving south to Latvia, we’re keeping the sun-drenched, stretched-out vibe going with Like You – a collaboration between retrowave synth revivalists Kasetes and beautifully be-mulletted experimental art/music/concepts icon MNTHA.

[MNTHA bandcamp] [Kasetes bandcamp]

This week’s most troubling Baltic new release is the return of Lolita Zero. Not content with bringing watermelon smashing, protruberant aubergine-coloured horns and Jurijus’ stealth falsetto to the Lithuanian Eurovision Selection Marathon, Lolita now returns with a deeply credible electro sad-banger. I’m so pleased and so confused.

Also, note that Borderline Queen is exactly 3 minutes long, so please join me in shaking your fists at the Eurovision gods who didn’t allow this in the 2019 Lithuanian Beige Tune Rammy.

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