World Cup 2019: Group A

What could be better than a themed post? What could be better than the return of GAME ON! It’s the Women’s World Cup. Let’s look at the countries in Group A. Also, probably because of the mood I’m in, I’ve ended up selecting four dreamily blissed out songs from female artists. Don’t worry. We’ll rock out soon.

France: Laetitia B – REGARDE

The hosts got off to a swashbuckling start against South Korea in the opening fixture, but maybe we should slow it down a little from that feverish tempo. There’s not much on the web about Laetitia B but the sweetly melodic REGARDE stopped me in my tracks, and I thought you ought to hear it.

Norway: Ulrikke – Cry

Football-wise, Norway are a formidable prospect even without the best footballer in the world, Ada Hedeberg. Ulrikke has had one go at MGP in 2017 with Places and she did Stjernekamp in 2018, so I am not crazy to think she might be back at some point. Anyway, here’s her most recent single Cry. If you like a bit of talk-singing and also a selection of the coldest burns (“I’ll be making money off this song about you and me”) then this is the bad gal for you.

Nigeria: Lady Donli – Cash

The Super Falcons came into the tournament joyful and looking sharp, and even though the first game didn’t go their way, I hope they can turn it round so I can share some Lagos sounds. Lady Donli is from Abuja and her developed from delicate early poetry experiments to blissful party soul with a sharp satirical undercurrent.

South Korea: Universe Mongae – loveistheonlyanswer

I bet you thought you’d be getting a blast of K-Pop. Not a chance. You’re getting a blast of slightly weird off-kilter indie K-electropop. (If you want some K-Pop I would say that the extraordinary BlackPink are my absolute faves). Universe Mongae makes dreamy pop music in her bedroom studio – in fact the whole thing is quite bedroom-oriented. Her EPs are Room: Day and Room: Night. The whole thing is lovely, particularly This Night. I look forward to hearing more.

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