World Cup 2019: Group B

We had such a good time with Group A that we’re back for more! Group B is sure to give us some thrills, so here’s various sorts of experimental music to give you accompanying chills.

China: Sabiwa – Xin de Shijian

It was all going so well with this one – but it turns out that Sabiwa is from Taiwan rather than PRC and…. it’s complicated. She’s signed to a label called ‘Chinabot’ and comes up tagged ‘china’ on Bandcamp and Spotify. I’m aware of the issue, but I think it’s worth posting the recommendation.

Starting off with a very nicely recorded set of unidentifiable wet sounds, Xin de Shijian develops into intense rattling bass and esoteric synthy noises. Sabiwa is an experimental audio-visual musician who is currently working in Berlin and at the time of writing was enjoying a lovely trip to Iceland, allowing me to dream of a worldwide hipster musician exchange program.

Germany: Panik Pop ft Nusja – Still

If you ever wondered what was exactly halfway between euphoric house and an ASMR guided meditation, then here we go. I don’t think you need to know very much about him, except that he started creating 140 bpm techno on a computer when he was 16. If you want to see him play the whole album on his keyboard, you can do that here.

South Africa: Toya Delazy – gQoma

She says that ‘gQoma’ means ‘it bangs’. Yes, this song bangs. We’ve heard from Toya before – her song Nu High represented South Africa back in 2016 – but here she is with something a bit more uncompromising and afropunk. I like Toya. YEAH.

Spain: Cora Novoa – State of Mind

Let’s all enjoy some pounding Galician techno from Cora Novoa. There’s some form of necromancy going on in the award-winning video and I think I like it. If you’re intrigued by Cora’s work, you might also enjoy this Chicks On Speed remix she did, oh and there’s this mind-bending odyssey on bandcamp too. DANCE.

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