World Cup 2019: Group C

The competition is going at a faster rate than I am! Let’s get into Group C before they complete all their 2nd matches.

Australia: imbi the girl – I Used To

For Australia, please meet imbi the girl – she’s from Sydney and do poetic hip-hop with real charm and honesty. She talks about her non-binary femme identity, and how this informs her creativity and drive, in this really interesting interview with Gay Times.

Brazil: The Wax – Awaken In Drear

It’s probably quite obvious, when you look at how disempowering our current times are, that a resurgence in witchcraft was on the cards. The Wax are from São Paulo and describe the experimental synth music they play as witchdub. It’s as occult and atmospheric as you like. Awaken In Drear is their latest single, and you can check out their spooky performance videos on YouTube.

Italy: Romina Falconi – Magari Muori

A single featuring a funeral services company from the woman who brought us “Who’s Afraid of Gender?” . No, I have no idea what is happening here either. Well, I had a quick look at the lyrics and it’s exactly what you’d hope for from Romina: a huge middle finger of the darkest black humour possible over the lightest chartpop imaginable. Never change, delicious weirdo. Also, come back to Sanremo.

Jamaica: Diana King ft Princess Erika – L’Amour Illimité

When she spoke her truth on her FB page in 2013, Diana King became Jamaica’s only out musician. The legacy of British colonialism in the Caribbean meant that Jamaica had been left with restrictive laws and prejudice towards their LGBT citizens. In this lovely music video, Diana King and guest vocalist Princess Erika celebrate unlimited love in all its forms, out in public in Kingston. Diana’s career is going super well, and she’s also been posting on her Facebook page about the World Cup. Up the Reggae Girls!

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