World Cup 2019: Group D

Things get interesting here. Can both my home nations qualify out of this group? Time can only tell.

Argentina: Telescopios – Hypers Haters

Nouveau yacht-rock about sworn enemies becoming friends from the very chill Argentine trio Telescopios. They’re playing at Lollapalooza Argentina this summer – I didn’t even know it was an international francise now.

England: Madonnatron – Goodnight Little Empire

Normally I try to get to UK bands *before* they’ve had airplay on 6Music, but Lauren Laverne played this song on the radio in the time between me selecting it and me writing this post. They’re committed to the glam, esoteric weirdness and that is something I will always recommend.

Japan: Billie Idle –
僕らまだちっぽけな頃の話 (BokePoke)

First off, the band name made me absolutely howl. Then I saw that they had a Youtube channel where they were apparently satirising the backstage videos that idol bands make. Then I found out that some of the gals in the band are actually former idol band members and that Billie Idle has definitely idol band like characteristics. Now I’m not so sure where the idol/idle line is drawn, but I’m having tremendous fun with it all.

Scotland: Slime City – Dial Up Internet Is The Purest Internet

It’s 6pm! It’s only a penny a minute to get online now. Prepare the ritual, let the modem scream and remember to log off and back on every 30 minutes. We used to absolutely put ourselves through it to get onto the internet back in the day, and Slime City are shoutily nostalgic about those golden days of ICQ and messageboards and the first life of the animated gif. As a beautiful bonus, the video and general aesthetic of the single recalls the halcyon days of Personal Computing. Get me back to that putty-coloured wonderland.

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