World Cup 2019: Group F

And we’re back through the groups again. Maybe there’ll be another loop through before the knockout stages, maybe?

Chile: Paz Court – Pajarillo Negro

The first lady of Chilean jazzpop has gone epic! There’s a quite nice video which for some reason we’re not allowed to embed. The song builds from gentle acoustic intro to a martial conclusion, and there’s plenty more where that came from. Her previous album, Veranito de San Juan is an adorable retro-sonic evocation of summer.

Sweden: Kårp – Kuiper Belt

Let’s be honest, when am I not going to pass on a recommendation for some chilly Swedish female-fronted electro indie which has cosmic lyrical themes? Kårp are from Gothenburg and judging from the first album released in April, are well worth keeping an eye on.

Thailand: coconut cream – ทุกๆวันเวลาที่เราเคยมี (pass the time)

This is lovely! Thai indie folk that reminds me of Vashti Bunyan. Cinematic melodies and a very chill vibe. Support them by buying the EPs on Bandcamp.

USA: Sunn O))) and Hildur Guðnadóttir – Between Sleipnir’s Breaths

Even if you’ve not actually listened to them, you might be ambiently aware of Sunn O))) because of their punctuation abuse and general critical acclaim. You’re probably also at least ambiently aware of the hit TV drama Chernobyl. Hildur Guðnadóttir composed the soundtrack for Chernobyl, and worked with the O))) (as no-one calls them) on their most recent album Life Metal. Iceland aren’t playing in the World Cup this summer, but here I am cramming some Icelandic action in with Seattle’s finest and doomiest. Enjoy.

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