Listen Up: Bashar Murad Recommends

It’s been nearly a month since Hatari and Bashar Murad brought Klefi/Samed screaming into the daylight. To celebrate the record hitting the streaming services (although I implore you not to forget that the very striking video exists) I thought it would be nice to explore a little bit more music from Palestine, with the help of Bashar himself. But first, stream Klefi/Samed…

Some dudes. Some desert. A flag.

Bashar originally posted the following songs in his instastories, and like some sort of weirdo, I started collecting them in a Spotify playlist. Then, I asked Bashar if he minded me turning them into this post, which he didn’t. Now let’s have the music…

Ghazall – Ashkara

Ghazall come from Nazareth and in the video for Ashkara they’re combining two of my favourite things: prog synths and slightly taking the piss. It is a wind-the-car-window-down song, and you can enjoy the confused stars of the passers by as they wonder who you are and why you are so cool? Autotranslate has failed me on the lyrics – is it about luck? [instagram facebook soundcloud]

DAM – Share’ 20

I’ve been enjoying DAM for a bit now – they’re heavily featured on Spotify’s Palestine Sounds playlist and I thought that they’d be a good addition to my playlist of political electronic music. Bashar recommended Share’ 20, which evokes images of cigarettes and coffee on the titular street, but I also really like Jasadik-Hom which has really powerful lead vocals from Maysa Daw who is spitting uncompromising fire on the subject of owning her body under the dual struggles of occupation and misogyny. [website facebook]

Moody Kablawi – Mali Mal

The ‘only trip hop artist in Palestine’ brings us Mali Mal (Got No Money), whose vibe I appreciated greatly. And THEN, I found out that the song is accompanied by this really interesting video which attempts to show us what the world looks like to Moody because of his nystagmus eye condition. Moody is from Haifa, but says he also owes his sound to Bristol and Berlin. [facebook soundcloud]


ELCONTAINER are a METAL band, you guys. Don’t let the chill bluesy vibe of the first 50 seconds of Container fool you. I am almost getting NWOBHM vibes from their heavy but not ostentatious guitar work, but then there’s also a bit of ska in there? Confusing but highly enjoyable, like the best things in life. If you liked that, try Badaleh. [facebook soundcloud]

Rasha Nahas – The Clown

Theatrical and fabulous, Rasha is like a red velvet curtain with razor-blade tassels. There’s cabaret, there’s poetry, there’s wild rock vibes, there’s violins and there’s a dangerous twinkle in her eye. She comes from Haifa, and now lives and works in Berlin. This video is EXTRAORDINARY, by the way.

If you enjoyed this, I’ve embedded my Spotify playlist here. It’s also got a Bashar song on it.

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