Amena – Iveta Mukuchyan

It is very hot in the UK today, so I’m sharing with you this empowering, simmering pop song with an utterly preposterous spoken word intro. Iveta, never change, you’re everything we could want in a pop star. You should totally follow her instagram – her life seems to be about as pop starry as it’s possible to be.

I’m glad I waited until the music video was out to show you Amena – feast your eyes on some superb sci-fi fashions and largely irrelevant jellyfish.

One thought on “Amena – Iveta Mukuchyan

  1. Good call with this video – Iveta looks amazing in 4K…

    I’m hoping that Depi Evratesil returns for Armenia’s 2018 selection so we can see this lady ‘perform’ on the panel each week – her expressions and emotions when she didn’t get the acts she wanted this season were hilarious!

    I’d love to see her at Eurovision again as an artist but I suspect that she feels she doesn’t need to repeat the experience any time soon…

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