Tüsn – Küsn

Tüsn are providing bouncy pop thrills in Küsn, or as they put it ‘dramatische Popularmusik’. They’re incredibly (and deliberately) hard to google but what I gather is that they’ve been active as part of the Berlin scene since 2012 and they’re very heavily into that monochrome aesthetic.

Küsn isn’t massively typical for their output, but I thought you’d appreciate the happy love song with the lovely choreography.

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Procrastination Queen – Liisi Koikson

If you like some pop that occasionally hits with a blast of juddering guitar noise, then allow me to present Procrastination Queen by Liisi Koikson. It’s an ode to everyone’s favourite vice – putting it off for a little bit longer.

Liisi is, I think, technically a jazz singer, but Procrastination Queen gives her a chance to blast through all her registers in the course of a single song. It’s an anthem for all of us who need to get things done. In real life, apparently Liisi has no problems with procrastination, because her 4th album – Coffee For One – came out on April 18th. Here’s a bonus live version in the ERR studios.

According to her twitter, she was Team #Salvadorable for Eurovision 2017 and also does that hand trumpet thing. Also, the ‘procrastination queen’ necklace she’s selling on her website is top notch merch.

Liisi has a website

Liisi is on Facebook

Liisi is on twitter

Glitch – Dismissed

If you’re a Eurovision person, you’ll probably have noticed that we found out who is going to be competing in Melodifestivalen 2017. A lot of people were screaming excitedly about the returns of Charlotte Perrelli and Loreen, and there was also some hyperventilating and shaking about Ace Wilder, Krista Siegfrids and Wiktoria, but I’m more interested in the acts that I haven’t heard of before.

So let’s talk about Dismissed. They’re 4 gorgeous glam rock types from Gothenberg, and they’ve been apparently rocking the heck out of various festival stages and pride parties all over Sweden all summer. They’re operating at the sweaty, danceable edge of rock music – it’s like The Rapture have reformed with better dress sense – and so far their songs have had quite sharp political messages that go a bit beyond the platitudes of ‘love love, peace peace’.

I’m sharing their most recent song ‘Glitch’ with you because as well as having a sexy video, a massive hook and a great danceable chorus it forms a cry of alarm at the glitches in our apparently tolerant reality that show that minds are perhaps less open than they claim to be.

I wonder what they’ve got in store for us next year?

Game on: Iceland vs Hungary

The Icelanders are casually telling us that Hekla is stirring. It’s the geological equivalent of saying “It’d be a shame if you angered the gods of the earth by not facilitating the progress of Icelandic football” and I hope that the Austrians are listening. I don’t fancy a reprise of the Eyjafjallajökull affair.
So we have some heavy stuff indeed from Iceland in the shape of the most recent single from Great Grief and some very not heavy stuff from Austria from a band called VIECH, who’ve done nothing wrong.
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Knives – Great Grief [Very noisy and abrasive metal that starts out all hardcore-esque, tours a dozen metal sub-genres and is almost short enough to enter into Eurovision]

Zentrale – VIECH [Extremely jaunty pop rock stuff with brass enhancement from some chirpy and clean cut Austrians]