Nova Twins – HIT GIRL

I’ve been meaning to show you Nova Twins for ages! Amy and Georgia are from London and play very gnarly hip hop punk with hard hitting basslines and a pleasingly gobby attitude. You will want to be in their gang, be like them when you grow up and want to go out and scare loads of square boys with them. Hit Girl is a single from 2018, but you might also enjoy Bassline Bitch or Mood Swings.

Nova Twins are on Bandcamp

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Game On: Germany vs Mexico

Ooof, here we go. Are Germany going to win their 5th World Cup as defending champions or is someone else somehow going to manage to get past them?

Representing Germany, we’ve got Cold Leather, a group of excitingly noisy punks who absolutely get the job done and in a quite entertaining and aesthetic manner to boot. Their album Smart Moves is well under 30 minutes long but contains 100% of your RDA of grit, yelling and frantic guitars.

Representing Mexico, we take a long draught from the well of doom metal witchcraft with Spacegoat. They’ve got my favourite combination of heavy riffing, huge female vocals and esoteric lyrical themes. I recommend you start with Transmuta to experience a bit of doom metal en español. 


Game On: Portugal vs Spain

Let’s be real, this is the first Big Game of the tournament. And appropriately, we have some big songs.

Representing Portugal, it’s the Anarchicks. I’ve got a nice interview with Rita and Ana from the band in the can, which I need to get round to editing for your listening pleasure. We Claim The Right is all about how it’s basically up to you to keep pushing and disobeying and creating your own world. Also, it has a great riff. The Anarchicks are working on new material (the last I heard anyway) and I can’t wait.

Representing Spain, we’ve got a bit of heartfelt pop with the very recent new single from Alice Wonder. With a video featuring a bit of rock and roll destruction and the fabulously telling refrain “You’ve got me making songs for you” it’s something I’m surprised I’ve not heard on UK radio.

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Game On: Russia vs Saudi Arabia

We find ourselves on the brink of a month of footballing excitement and Listen Outside is back to bring you another instalment of the GAME ON series. But first! The dubious spectacle of the opening match.

Listen Outside has a bit of a commitment to bringing you music that challenges your ideas about places, so for Russia vs Saudi Arabia we are bringing you two all female bands

For Russia, we have a brief, intense burst of feminist punk from Stresshold. This 53 second yell is Toshnota (Nausea). Sample lyrics: “Dreary everyday life, patriarchal lies“. Heck, I’ve embedded the whole album, it’ll only take ten minutes of your time.

For Saudi Arabia, we take a look back to The AccoLade, a 4 piece all-female rock band from Jeddah. Necessarily operating under difficult conditions, they got to the point of recording an EP in 2009. I wonder what they’re doing now? I would love to hear from Lamia and co.

So, while you contemplate the World Cup’s least democratic ever match (According to the World Bank’s index of democracy, Russia are 135th of 167 and Saudi Arabia are 159th) please do a couple of things for me. Vote for your favourite song below, share Listen Outside with your friends and drop Amnesty International a couple of quid.

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We Claim The Right – Anarchicks

Greater Lisbon punks Anarchicks are doing all the right things. Shouting, style, fierceness and super crunchy guitars. We Claim The Right is about resisting, rebelling and becoming involved with a movement as opposed to being a passive spectator. Join us on stage, they say.

Ok, you don’t have to ask me twice, I say.

Anarchicks have a website

Anarchicks are on Facebook


Sisi – Grýlurnar

I know very little about this. Here is as much as I know. Grýlurnar are one of Iceland’s first all-female punk/new-wave outfits. This song is from 1984 and is in the international language of rock and roll. It’s got everything. Woah-oh-ohs, a chant that follows the main riff and miscellaneous gibbers in the intro. Other than that I know nothing.

Du är inte normal – Gamla Pengar

What do we like? We like theremins, we like surf-esque guitar hooks and we like punk songs about not being normal. Gamlar Pengar, a punk band from Gothenburg in Sweden bring us all these things and more. Look through their back catalogue and find lots of shoutalong, minor key choruses and a bit of the old yelling at the old bourgeoisie.

Gamlar Pensar are on Bandcamp



The House That Fear Built – Wasted

Today I’ve been having a lot of cause to think about opposing fascism. Here’s a song about opposing fascism by Finnish veteran punk band Wasted. They’re currently in the middle of their 20th anniversary tour and are as anti-fascist as ever – as this heartfelt and mad as hell Facebook post shows. 


Wasted are on Facebook

Wasted are on Soundcloud


La Modernidad & Apesta – Nave Nodriza

Anarquía en España! It’s Friday night so we’re having some totally daft, thoroughly ridiculous and wonderfully sincere punk. Nave Nodriza (which means ‘mothership’) are from A Coruña and they make a bloody racket. Their album opens with a song called Teletubbies and contains a song called ‘No hay nada’. Nihilism sounds a lot better in Spanish.
They’ve put their whole album Apesta (‘stink’) on youtube. It’s the kind of album that has 13 tracks and is about 25 minutes long. Make some space for it and enjoy while wearing a black leather jacket, dousing yourself with the nastiest Spanish lager you can get your hands on.
Please come to the UK and do some shows, lads.
Nave Nodriza are on bandcamp
Nave Nodriza are on Facebook