About the Listen Outsiders

Who is Ellie? 

I am a follower of obscure metal bands, a proud fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and a veteran of the weird web. I am used to approaching all sorts of music with an open mind and an open heart. Just this year, the Eurovision season introduced me to at least one artist that I suspect might be a genius, and dozens who are well worth keeping an eye on. My favourite band are Canadian occult rockers Blood Ceremony, but I also like shiny Swedish pop music, experimental singer songwriters like Jane Weaver and inspirational 90’s dance. My most notable musical blind spot: boy bands. Anything else gets a fair go.

Also, Milly is my sister.

Who is Milly?

I’ve been raised on a diet of secondhand 1970’s rock, folk and prog as well as all the chart music that the 1990’s could provide. I like shouty singer-songwriters, indie rock, glossy pop music and quite a lot of other stuff too. My favourite band are the Manic Street Preachers. I’ve done a number of totally daft things while following them around the country, including throwing a Sheffield A-Z map at James Dean Bradfield’s head and travelled close to the length of the UK with only the clothes I was wearing and some pants. I regret nothing.

Eurovision has been a big deal at my house from being very young – my sisters and I used to have dressing up parties and a picnic on the living room floor to watch it. Now I watch Eurovision because it’s wonderful, strange and totally unstoppable. Who could want more?
Also, Ellie is my sister.