Zarx & Johnson – Orgel Vreten

It’s the best prog-flavoured, mainly instrumental, Hammond organ enhanced, rockin’ tune out of the Netherlands since Hocus Pocus by Focus.

Zarx & Johnson is the first single from Orgel Vreten’s upcoming album. If you like this, you’ll be please to know that there’s already an album called Komrad, which has a slightly Eastern bloc vibe.

Orgel Vreten have a website (sorta)

Orgel Vreten are on Facebook 

Take Him Back – Y’Akoto

Y’Akoto is a fantastic soul singer who I’m surprised isn’t HUGE all over the world. She splits her time between Hamburg, Paris, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Dakar, Accra and Lome – but I suspect that we’d like to hear from her in Glasgow, London and Manchester too.

She’s five years and three albums into her musical career, and her latest album Mermaid Blues weaves together mythological references, complicated emotions and allusions to the stories of refugees. She deserves to be massive. She’s currently on tour – catch her if you can.

Y’Akoto has a website

Y’Akoto is on Facebook


Nature of Me – Michael Greilsammer

A particularly touching sub-genre of love songs is the love song from a father to his spouse once they’ve had children. The Nature Of Me is one of these – it’s got a quality to it that is at once anthemic and intimate, and Michael’s wife and long term musical collaborator Shimrit features on backing vocals.

You might remember Michael and Shimrit from the Israeli national Eurovision final in 2011, where they delighted us with Tou Dou Dou. If you don’t remember that, you should definitely check it out. In fact, check out all his work, it’s delightful.

Michael has a website. 

Michael is on Facebook.





Listen Outside On The Radio: Water

Our final summer special for Radio Six International was water-themed. Water is life, not just in the technical, scientific sense, but also in the metaphorical sense. Rivers are the stories of our lives and the open sea is both doubt and freedom.

Жива вода – Illaria

Lazily unfolding ecstatically spiritual dance from Ukraine (Facebook/Soundcloud/Website)


Classical, operatic vocals and sweeping atmospheric music from the Slovenian ESC 2017 National Final act. (Facebook/Website)

Rising Tides – Valparaiso feat. Phoebe Killdeer & Howe Gelb

A haunting and menacing duet with a touch of noir to it. (Facebook/Website)

Run To The River – Boggie

Reflective acoustic pop from former Hungarian ESC representative. (Facebook/Website)

Ngurr (Rain Song) – Kardajala Kirridarra

A creative collective of indigenous Australian women create trancendentally timeless music. (Facebook/Soundcloud)

River – Angeelia

Beautiful, warmly romantic, ambient pastoral pop from Estonia. (Facebook/Soundcloud)

Rain – Basalt

A very special and delicate piece of music from the Syrian trio who have made Vienna their home. (Facebook)

Half Seas Over – Amini

Just sharp enough to be delicious, it’s twee indie pop from the Norwegian duo. (Facebook/Soundcloud)

The Lake – Galley Beggar

Is it proggy folk, or folky prog? It’s great either way. (Facebook/Website)

Hot Water – King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizzard

Chugging psych from the best-worst band name in history. (Website/Bandcamp)

Oceans of Love – Hana Oceans

Pleasantly complex Swedish electropop (Facebook/Website/Soundcloud)

Rivers – Polaroid3

Intense and thoughtful French orchestral indie pop. (Facebook/Bandcamp/Soundcloud)

Bitter Water – The Oh Hellos

Sunny bluegrass which almost sounds like it was recorded outdoors. (Facebook/Website/Bandcamp)

Rain In Soho – The Mountain Goats

Appropriately gloomy song from a concept album about Goths. (Website)

Listen Outside On The Radio: Fire

Our third show features songs with a Fire theme. From the burning passion of a love affair to the celebration of the hearth and home, fire is a metaphor for destruction, creation, intensity and celebration.

Firestorm – Conchita

The Queen of the Unstoppables delivers fire. Facebook/Website

En Feu – Soprano

Uptempo, celebratory French rap. Facebook/Website

I’ve Got A Fire – Andi Toth

Empowering pop from the promising Hungarian singer songwriter. Facebook

Brasa – Jade Baraldo

Smouldering soul from the alumnus of The Voice of Brazil. Facebook/Website

Säde – Trad!Attack

Sparkling, beautiful Estonian traditional music with a bit of edge. Facebook/Website/Bandcamp

Fiesta en el Inferno – Fangoria

B-movie dancepop from Spanish dancefloor veterans. Facebook/Website

House Fire – Braxi

Theatrical pop from the Netherlands cabaret scene. Facebook/Website

Fire – Avoid Dave

Excellently jarring Estonian trip hop. Facebook/Soundcloud

Hearth – Saor

Soaring atmospheric metal, full of the majesty of Scottish landscapes. Facebook/Bandcamp.

If I Burn (You Burn Too) – Tara Lee

The rockier end of folk pop from one of Dublin’s finest multitalented women. Facebook

Dreams On Fire – Blue Foundation

Shoegazey Danish pop. Facebook/Website

Inferno Club – Acid Waves

Heavy Mexican prog, designed for the dancefloor. Facebook/Website


Noisy Polish punk. Facebook/Bandcamp/Soundcloud

Fire – BON AIR

Breezy French country-tinged folk pop Facebook/Website/Soundcloud


Noches de Sol – Cuzo

Tonight, some music from beautiful, vital, excellent Barcelona. Cuzo are an experimental prog band with an expansive, groovy approach to including psych and world music into their sound. Noches de Sol (Sunny Nights) combines poundingly heavy drums with sunshine laden guitars and shifts rhythmically away from you every time you think you’ve worked out where it’s going.

Cuzo are on Bandcamp

Cuzo are on Facebook  Myspace, apparently


Hello Hello – Mango Blitz

With a sunbleached aesthetic and a bouncy pop sound and infectious call and response duetting, Hello Hello has the potential to give Mango Blitz a big daft summer hit. The band are based in Budapest and have been making fun pop records since 2015. Over the summer of 2017 they’re finalising an album which, according to their website and Google Translate ‘can be said to favour the dancers’. Sounds good to me.

Also, and I am just saying this, a lot of their very catchy and danceable songs come in at the three minute mark. Maybe they should think of giving A Dal a go next year?

Mango Blitz are on Facebook

Mango Blitz have a website 

A Small House – Basalt & Conchita

You might have heard that unstoppable legend Conchita was due to play a gig in Edinburgh this weekend, only for the gig to be cancelled at the last minute due to the fact that the UK denied visas to the three members of Basalt, the band that Conchita was due to perform with.

Basalt are based in Austria, which is the country they’ve made their home since they had to leave Syria as refugees. Here’s an article summarising what happened about their visas.

The collaboration that Basalt and Conchita were due to present is the song A Small House. It is a very, very powerful and beautiful song with terrifying lyrical imagery of losing your home and personhood, matched with the incredibly moving video clip. I just cried in the airport at it. Suitcases in the water. Humanity’s inhumanity and humanity. Friends smiling together. People reaching out to one another in worst circumstances.

I want to hear more from Basalt. Let’s be honest the world needs to hear more from people like Amjad, Noor and Almonther.

Basalt are on Facebook