Htio Bi Da Me Voliš – Pips, Chips and Videoclips

You’re getting an daytime post today because I’m off to a wedding shortly. Love Milly x

Pips, Chips and Videoclips, other than having a long name to keep typing hail from Zagreb in Croatia and have been releasing music since the early 1990’s.

This raw sounding rock track is accompanied with a really beautiful looking video. It sounds as though it’s from firmly within the mid/late 90’s which was a peak time for angry sounding rock – however to my surprise this song is from their 2013 album, Walt.

The band are associated with one of their early hits Dinamo ja Volim which got picked up by football fans from Dinamo Zagrebs supporters club.

Gotas De Agua Dulce – Juanes

I’ll hold my hands up, this one isn’t European but Juanes sings in Spanish so I’m going to for it ‘Drops of Fresh Water’ as the title translates is just too wonderfully relevant to today’s weather.

This song is from 2007 by Juanes a Colombian singer/songwriter and activist who has been very successful in the two stages of his career. Firstly in a thrash metal band Ekhymosis and from the turn of the millennium as a solo artist.

I don’t think this song sounds 9 years old, it has a pretty tune and Juanes voice sits well, it took time to select a good song that didn’t have a video that made me cringe but this ‘in studio’ style is usually interesting to watch. The lyric is sweet and simple a love song that (hopefully) will offend no one.

Andiamo A Comandare – Fabio Rovazzi

Did you want a catchy track to get you over the mid-week hump? Well have some grime inspired Italian pop-rap.

Writer note: I love writing these reviews, I write some really improbable sentences.

Fabio Rovazzi is a young Italian rapper who raps in Itlian and has gained some popularity through social media. This is his first release and it has climbed steadily through the Italian charts reaching number 1 and going platinum this summer.

Other than one swear the lyric is clean, he even drinks mineral water and wears slippers in the club! There’s a heavy grime influence in the bassline to the song which puts Dizzee Rascal at the forefront of your mind.

I’m off to a wedding this weekend so I think I’m going to be trying out the dance move in a real life situation.

De ce ne indragostim – Alina Eremia

This is Excellent.

It sounds great,  you can almost instinctively tell what the subject of the song is without having to understand the lyrics. The production is glossy, I think you can tell that Alina has been performing for most of her life (performing from 4 years old, seriously.) Absolutely radio friendly, modern R&B inspired pop.

The video is extremely stylish and I recommend you watch it. The glittery underbrows, the dancing around in an empty house, the fringing!


Alina performed in Junior Eurovision 2005 for Romania, finishing 4th, she voices the Disney princesses when films are overdubbed for the Romanian market, she’s a television actress and presenter too.

Now, I’m off to sew some brightly coloured fringing onto my clothes.

Beauty Sucks – Kezzy

So here you have another song currently charting in Europe, Kezzy’s offering as of Friday is Number 40 in Austria’s music charts. It was released back in May so she’s doing a cracking job to stay in the charts this long.

Kezzy is a young, Austrian artist at the beginning of her career and this is a fun track. I love the pitch of her voice – its a bit country music down the bottom end and super poppy when she’s doing the ‘Oooh’s’.

The video is pretty bizarre, the dancers in hospital gowns and socks I can’t tear my eyes away from, plus the twerker with her head in a lampshade. I don’t know.
The two other song titles referenced leads me to believe Kezzy has a wide taste in music herself (The Smiths and Nirvana, I approve.) So we’ll listen out for her future tracks.

Gods of War – Celeste Buckingham

Gods of Egypt looked so naff I didn’t go and see it (was I wrong, was it a easy-watch classic?) but this track appears to be from the soundtrack. Appears to be as I can’t actually find it on a tracklisting, although my googling has been brief and impatient.

Gods of War is good and dramatic, with a steady build up to the chorus and with an aural squint I could imagine this one making a cracking Eurovision entry, there’d be slightly too much leather in the outfit and probably pyrotechnics. Something for everyone.

The break down around the 3 minute mark is reminiscent of Melissa Auf Der Maur’s finest howling and this pleases me greatly. Celeste Buckingham is a Swiss born Slovakian singer with almost ten years of career behind her – impressive for a 21 year old!

After my reaction to the video yesterday, this track doesn’t have it’s own promo video but a rather lovely fan has put to a lovely title card on this YouTube clip.

Neshto Po-Dobro – Santra

This is an interesting one.

I was fully prepared to sing the praises of this track. I like how it sounds, it’s repetitive in a way that makes it catchy and I found myself attempting to sing along – all usually good signs.

I can’t honestly say I love the video, I’m not sure if it’s the YSL t-shirt and all the close ups on the bling or if it’s the way Santra is mugging at the camera but there’s something about it I’m not keen on. That said, you can’t always like the video to go with a good song!

Santra is a Bulgarian singer and this track is from 2013 so it’s not a new track and 2013 had a real mixture of highs and lows in pop music from Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines (eek, the less said the better) to Arctic Monkey’s – Do I Wanna Know? so I think it’s up to you, dear readers to decide where this one falls.

Sofia – Álvaro Soler

Now then you lot, listen up. Ellie has gone on holiday and has left me in charge. Be prepared. Love Milly x

Getting straight to it we have a bouncy pop track by Álvaro Soler, it’s fun and there’s a bit that you’re definitely going to catch yourself whistling along to in the introduction. It’s all about how he wasn’t particularly nice to his ex girlfriend and now he regrets it because she’s happy with someone else. Funny how that happens.

The video was filmed in Havana, Cuba and it’s good to see a music video with an (almost) equal mixture of men and women doing the dancing.

I love songs with this sort of sound because it’s so summery and given that Álvaro had a hit across Europe last summer featuring Jennifer Lopez it could be something he does well, we’ll keep listening out for him.



Pudasjärven Ufo – Lasten Hautausmaa

I had a listen, then I had another listen immediately after and googled the song name. It really is in reference to UFO’s guys, I’m not sure why that makes it even better but it does. They’re Finnish which makes this lovely sounding, indie shoe-shuffling bit of pop quite a departure from what you’ve come to expect from the music scene in Finland. Think Belle and Sebastian at their best. I like the male and female voices together with the rather haunting backing vocals floating in and out behind them. It’s very well put together and really wouldn’t sound out of place on that playlist you have for impressing people with your indie credentials, we know you have one.

Lasten Hautausmaa are on Soundcloud

Lasten Hautausmaa are on Facebook



Count to Ten – Mew

Mew have been around for ages now, their blend of doomy indie songs and whimsical sometimes creepy artwork have kept a core group of fans sustained throughout changes to the line up (and back again.) This song was written and recorded for a tribute sampler for the Transformers called ‘Transformers Roll Out’ that was released in April this year – yes, I just wrote that no, I haven’t made it up.

There is a recognisable signature to a Mew song, which other artists have rarely imitated. It’s a signature that hasn’t dated. Count to Ten is recognisably a Mew track and not as challenging as some of the tracks on ‘and the Glass Handed Kites’ which was the last album I picked up by them back in 2005 and could be a difficult listen for indie rock. The piano sounds great and references back to their earliest albums. They released a new album last year ‘+ -’ charted at 59 in the UK and topped the chart in Denmark. Count to Ten is good enough to be an album track so it’s looking good for any new music they record this year!

Mew have a website