White Cars – Powernerd ft Ankathie Koi & Johann Martinus Bass

This song popped up while I was researching retro electropop diva (and Austria’s hottest ever mullet wearer) Ankathie Koi for the ‘Air’ show for Listen Outside On The Radio. I’m already very fond of Johann Sebastian Bass and I am a sucker for any form of homemade mirrorball costume, so this whole package had a huge raw appeal.

White Cars is a pure distillation of the aspirationally naff 80’s aesthetic, with the deliberately clunky video, the awkward extras and the beautiful deployment of a keytar vocoder. How fabulous!

If you like the more danceable end of Goldfrapp, or you were into Steed Lord, or you liked the Human League first time round, please get right into the work of Ankathie Koi. She’s a delight.

Here’s her Bandcamp.




One Song – Momo

Here at Listen Outside we believe in the power of music. MOMO from Austria also believe, because One Song is self-referentially about hoping that the power of putting your emotions into song can make a real difference.

The video of the band giving a rooftop concert shows a group of young musicians working together as one on music that they love. There’s clearly more to come from MOMO in the future – let’s keep an eye on them and see what comes along.

Beauty Sucks – Kezzy

So here you have another song currently charting in Europe, Kezzy’s offering as of Friday is Number 40 in Austria’s music charts. It was released back in May so she’s doing a cracking job to stay in the charts this long.

Kezzy is a young, Austrian artist at the beginning of her career and this is a fun track. I love the pitch of her voice – its a bit country music down the bottom end and super poppy when she’s doing the ‘Oooh’s’.

The video is pretty bizarre, the dancers in hospital gowns and socks I can’t tear my eyes away from, plus the twerker with her head in a lampshade. I don’t know.
The two other song titles referenced leads me to believe Kezzy has a wide taste in music herself (The Smiths and Nirvana, I approve.) So we’ll listen out for her future tracks.


Invisible – Luise Pop

From Vienna, we have some sing-a-long riot grrly rock for you. Luise Pop have been going since 2007, and are about to go on hiatus after a US tour. Invisible is a single from a couple of years ago, but I wanted to share this one with you not just because of the joyous overspill of the chorus, but because of the gorgeous cinematography in the video, which has to be a callout to The Third Man.

Luise Pop have a website


Game on: Iceland vs Hungary

The Icelanders are casually telling us that Hekla is stirring. It’s the geological equivalent of saying “It’d be a shame if you angered the gods of the earth by not facilitating the progress of Icelandic football” and I hope that the Austrians are listening. I don’t fancy a reprise of the Eyjafjallajökull affair.

So we have some heavy stuff indeed from Iceland in the shape of the most recent single from Great Grief and some very not heavy stuff from Austria from a band called VIECH, who’ve done nothing wrong.

Which was better? Iceland or Austria?

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Knives – Great Grief [Very noisy and abrasive metal that starts out all hardcore-esque, tours a dozen metal sub-genres and is almost short enough to enter into Eurovision]

Zentrale – VIECH [Extremely jaunty pop rock stuff with brass enhancement from some chirpy and clean cut Austrians]


Game on: Portugal vs Austria

It’s time for a bit of rock. You don’t really think of Portugal and Austria as rock countries, but everywhere has a rock scene.

For Portugal, we have The Dowsers Society whose groove is steady and who supplement their general stoner/drone vibe with chiming guitars and big echoey vocals.

For Austria, The Red Stags are taking us on a terrific ramble with laid back guitars, with bluesy solos and other general invocations of the void.

Portugal vs Austria - whose droning rockers rock harder?

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New Found Land – The Dowsers Society [Slow burning desert rock]

Voidrider – The Red Stags [Multilayered stoner blues odyssey]


Game on: Austria vs Hungary

I am beside myself with joy, as I bring to you two really very good songs from Austria and Hungary. Not only are these songs great, but they’re both taking the mickey out of the kind of toxic masculinity that ruins our lovely world. Austria’s alternative sports anthem Heavy Lipstick comes from the very smashing Johann Sebastian Bass. Hungary’s Belmondo bring their song I Am The Ultimate Leader to the party. The party thanks them.

Which of these mighty tunes did you prefer? Johann Sebastian Bass or Belmondo?

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Heavy Lipstick – Johann Sebastian Bass [Anthemic electropop that will enter your soul and gently buff it with rouge]

The Ultimate Leader – Belmondo [Skeletal 90’s house with a message. And a rap]