Andiamo A Comandare – Fabio Rovazzi

Did you want a catchy track to get you over the mid-week hump? Well have some grime inspired Italian pop-rap.

Writer note: I love writing these reviews, I write some really improbable sentences.

Fabio Rovazzi is a young Italian rapper who raps in Itlian and has gained some popularity through social media. This is his first release and it has climbed steadily through the Italian charts reaching number 1 and going platinum this summer.

Other than one swear the lyric is clean, he even drinks mineral water and wears slippers in the club! There’s a heavy grime influence in the bassline to the song which puts Dizzee Rascal at the forefront of your mind.

I’m off to a wedding this weekend so I think I’m going to be trying out the dance move in a real life situation.


Game on: Germany vs Italy

It’s two of the Big Five facing off on a Saturday night, so we’ve got new songs from two Eurovision alumni.

For Germany we have Lena Meyer-Landrut’s 2016 single ‘Beat to my Melody’. You’ll remember that she won with Satellite in 2010, and then came back in 2011 with Taken By A Stranger which is much less ‘Eurovision’ despite having the freaky dancers in the silver bodysuits. Anyway, Lena is a proper pop star and this is her most recent single.

For Italy we have Emma Marrone, whose song ‘La Mia Citta’ was the hot mess of Eurovision 2014 (a contest which wasn’t exactly short of baffling costume and staging decisions, including my faves Twin TwinPortugal’s Suzy and the last recorded sighting of Fun Ukraine with the canonical man in the canonical hamster wheel – blimey 2014 was a great contest). But back to Emma Marrone. Tonight she’s representing Italy and continuing the theme of confusing staging in her music video for ‘Occhi Profundi’ where I can’t even work out what is going on. What do you think?

Which country had the better song? Germany or Italy?

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Beat To My Melody – Lena [Breezy, super-cool dance pop]

Occhi Profondi – Emma [Anthemic chart pop with a massive Sia-type chorus]



Game on: Italy vs Spain

It’s punk o’clock! As far as I know, everything is still going to hell, so let’s enjoy a bit of the old anarchy in the EU.

For Italy, the delightful Deluded By Lesbians show their passion for football with a spirited cover of Felicita! You might also enjoy their song, Onion Rings.

For Spain, the energetic young lads of ¡Mahalo! are showing us how to have fun with their song Fun.

Who has the better fun punks? Italy or Spain?

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Felicita! – Deluded by Lesbians [Spirited punk rendition of a deeply naff pop song]

Fun – ¡Mahalo! [Summery, surfy, echoey, hooky punky stuff]



Game on: Italy vs Ireland

It’s Italy vs Ireland and we’re all getting a bit exhausted by the permutations. This is the last batch!

For Italy we have a jaunty sorta-Motown love song which has a bit of a melancholy edge to it. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just Wednesday.

For Ireland we have some really spacey modern disco from a band that I bet are great live, Plutonic Dust. They play live disco music and have great videos made of chopped up old pop shows.

But which do you like more?

Which country had the better song? Italy or Ireland?

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Love Me Forever – Elisa [Really upbeat pop that somehow manages to also be unbearably poignant]

Triangulate – Plutonic Dust [This is DISCO]



Game on: Italy vs Sweden

Two lovely bits of insouciant, rough around the edges female-fronted indie here for a match that I’m sure will be a cracker.

Maria Antonietta is a really interesting artist – she’s making spirited feminist music with a punk ethos, but it’s also informed by her background in art history and her interest in the feminine aspects of religion.

Pfemme Records are a feminist musical collective, and we’ve recommended this song before, but it’s so massive that I am posting it again and I’ll post it again until you all like it.

Whose song did you like more? Maria Antonietta's or Pfemme Records?

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Quanto eri bello – Maria Antonietta [Smart indie pop for thoughtful gals]

Ingen är bara här för att dansa – Pfemme Records [Dancefloor indie with a punk spirit and Swedish swearing]


Game on: Belgium vs Italy

We’re back in modern electropop land once more for Belgium vs Italy.  Belgium have a song called Hurts, by SX, which I am taking as prima facie evidence that FKA Twigs sold at least one album in the Benelux region, and Italy have a song called Maniaca by Romina Falconi, who sounds like an interesting broad.

Which has the better song? Belgium or Italy?

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Hurts – SX [Impressively restrained hypermodern electropop]

Maniaca – Romina Falconi [Vivacious, theatrical electropop]