Stay Awake EP – Bandmaster

Momentarily decloaking, I give you something that might take a couple of listens but will be very, very rewarding and actively make you cooler. Latvia’s Bandmaster are very much on the rise in 2017, doing Eurosonic Noorderslag at the start of the year and covering themselves with Baltic festival circuit glory.

Here’s the EP. For me the absolute standout tracks are Just Paddle (an excellent, spacey duet with EZERI) and Paper, Rock and Scissors which sounds like two songs playing simultaneously in the absolute best way possible. She Will starts off as a 90’s dancefloor banger and then gleefully wrongfoots you just when you’re expecting the drop. Hiding finishes the EP off with all sorts of difficult noises, squelchy noises and a synth solo line that begs to be played on keytar.

I like this, it’s good. You can definitely dance to it, but it’s like a 4/5 difficulty rating.

Bandmaster are on Soundcloud 

Bandmaster are on Facebook

Bandmaster also have this excellent music video.


Red Moon – Aminata

Aminata has got more done in 2016 than you have. She’s participated in her second Eurovision as a songwriter (you’ll remember her from blowing your mind at Eurovision 2015) and both times she’s had to make it past the infamous Riga Beaver. She’s also graduated from a business Masters at the University of Latvia, and put together a whole second album, which is what we’re listening to today.

We’ve heard some of the songs on Red Moon before – Aminata was singing Fighter and (I think) Bridges around the Eurovision promo circuit earlier on in the year, and Red Moon was one of a number of sub 3-minute singles which dropped in early September and raised eyebrows regarding potential Eurovision participation. I would suggest, if Aminata is going to have another go at Supernova as a singer, her best shot might be I Can’t Forget, which is a sort of inverse of Love Injected – a wall-shaking song about the end of a relationship with similarly fascinating, spacious, futuristic production.

Songs like Your Arms and Rude are slightly more dancefloor-adjacent, and I’m Not The One You Used To Know has a fantastic bassline. This is a good album, Aminata is a consistently great songwriter and still she’s so young. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Aminata is on Facebook


Solid Colours – DVines

Here’s something new from Latvia that will help us push on through to the weekend. Dvines are a duo from Riga who are currently collaborating with producer Makree to make the kind of inspirational 90’s dance music that I am totally weak for. Solid Colours would sit fantastically between Show Me Love and the Deep Dish remix of Hideaway.  In fact I’m off to make a summer dance playlist that does just that.

Dvines are on Facebook

Dvines have an official tumblr