Gimme Gimme – INNA

It’s Friday night and we ought to cut a bit loose. Inna is here to help you with a song that should be livening up the Radio 1 A-list right now. It’s basically impossible to avoid dancing to it. Even while I’m sitting down writing this blog post it’s making me do some very vigorous shoulder dancing.

Inna is a huge popstar (and a judge on The Voice) in Romania, where she’s been releasing records since 2009. Gimme Gimme is a bit of a sonic departure for her, but GOSH it’s a fresh, fun summer record.

Inna has a website (um, vaguely NSFW)

Inna is on Facebook 


Never Give Up – Yanka

Yanka is a fab new pop singer from Galati, Romania. She’s 2 singles into her pop career and while it all seems to be quite normally poppy stuff so far, some lyrics/poetry posted to her website suggests that there’s darker, more complex stuff to come. Also, she looks like she’s having great fun crowdsurfing on tattooed gents in the desert, which is a bit #lifegoals for a lot of people.

Never Give Up is, well, a sentiment we can all get behind. Enjoy some warm hearted encouragement. Keep an eye out for Yanka’s future work, she seems fun.

Yanka has an unusually interesting website

Yanka is on Facebook


De ce ne indragostim – Alina Eremia

This is Excellent.

It sounds great,  you can almost instinctively tell what the subject of the song is without having to understand the lyrics. The production is glossy, I think you can tell that Alina has been performing for most of her life (performing from 4 years old, seriously.) Absolutely radio friendly, modern R&B inspired pop.

The video is extremely stylish and I recommend you watch it. The glittery underbrows, the dancing around in an empty house, the fringing!


Alina performed in Junior Eurovision 2005 for Romania, finishing 4th, she voices the Disney princesses when films are overdubbed for the Romanian market, she’s a television actress and presenter too.

Now, I’m off to sew some brightly coloured fringing onto my clothes.


Game on: Romania vs Albania

Two rock bands, both alike in dignity, in fair Romania and Albania is where we lay our scene.

From ancient rock, break forth nu-metal mutiny, where metal blood makes metal hands unclean.

Game on!

What's better? E.M.I.L. or Bojken Lako?

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Da Vrei – E.M.I.L [Post nu-metal introspective rock]

Bulza – Bojken Lako [Post nu-metal party rock]

Game on: Romania vs Switzerland

We’re slowing it down a bit this afternoon, but in a sort of melancholic way rather than a sexy way. Well, maybe Jurjak is slowing it down in a sexy way, it’s hard to tell. For Romania we have the aforementioned Jurjak, whose song Future Ex is sinister, slinky and I think possibly what Serhat was originally aiming at. For Switzerland we’ve got a doomed indie ballad called Stellarling by Anna Aaron (my favourite song by her, ‘Who maimed you’ doesn’t have a video)

Which was better - Romania or Switzerland?

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Future Ex – Jurjak [Gravelly, moody, just slow enough to be sleazy]

Stellarling – Anna Aaron [Excellently miserable indie ballad of doom]



Game on: France vs Romania

Football eh? Let’s get into Euro 2016 by deciding which nation’s Listen Outside recommended song is better. There’s two videos and a poll. You know what to do.

France vs Romania: who wins?

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France: With You – Clément Bazin [Floaty tropical dance with steel drums]

Romania: Dream About Your Face – Antonia [Solo female electropop with a big chorus]