Game On! Spain vs Russia

You know the drill by now: more music, more football.

From Spain I’ve got you a rockabilly band with a lovely skeletal sound and a lot of energy. The Radions tour rockabilly festivals all over Europe, which are a very good time. Gig listings on their Facebook page.

For our Russian hosts, enjoy St Petersburg based Union Grail. Journey is track one on their new album, which contains some lovely tunes (Meet Me In Paris has a lovely bit of accordion on it).


Podcast: Game On! Episode 1

We thought it would be interesting to have a group of Eurofans who are also football fans discuss the World Cup and how our two passions have actually quite a lot in common.

If you don’t actually like football yet but you want to be able to understand the next month of social media, let us take you by the hand and convince you that even a 0-0 draw between two unfancied teams has as much of a part to play in the operatic narrative of victory and defeat that is world football as a 5 – 0 surprise thrashing.

Joining me to talk about the World Cup being in Russia and the opening fixture between Russia and Saudi Arabia, we have Chris and Lucy from Wiwibloggs and Stuart, a journalist and writer based in Estonia.


Game On: Russia vs Saudi Arabia

We find ourselves on the brink of a month of footballing excitement and Listen Outside is back to bring you another instalment of the GAME ON series. But first! The dubious spectacle of the opening match.

Listen Outside has a bit of a commitment to bringing you music that challenges your ideas about places, so for Russia vs Saudi Arabia we are bringing you two all female bands

For Russia, we have a brief, intense burst of feminist punk from Stresshold. This 53 second yell is Toshnota (Nausea). Sample lyrics: “Dreary everyday life, patriarchal lies“. Heck, I’ve embedded the whole album, it’ll only take ten minutes of your time.

For Saudi Arabia, we take a look back to The AccoLade, a 4 piece all-female rock band from Jeddah. Necessarily operating under difficult conditions, they got to the point of recording an EP in 2009. I wonder what they’re doing now? I would love to hear from Lamia and co.

So, while you contemplate the World Cup’s least democratic ever match (According to the World Bank’s index of democracy, Russia are 135th of 167 and Saudi Arabia are 159th) please do a couple of things for me. Vote for your favourite song below, share Listen Outside with your friends and drop Amnesty International a couple of quid.

Feminist rock: Russia vs Saudi Arabia. Who wins?

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Game on: Russia vs Wales

Once more, Russia are playing and once more I have a lovely song for the team they’re playing and once more I’m struggling to find something that I’d be willing to post.

For Wales we have lo-fi legends Helen Love with their delightful football-themed song about being in love with the pride of Cardiff, the king dragon, the man with the golden foot.

For Russia, I’m giving you Buranovskiye Babushki because to be honest, the Russian football fan scene doesn’t produce adorable novelty pop hits.

Russia vs Wales - whose novelty song made you go 'awww' most?

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Party for Everybody – Buranovskiye Babushki [Do I have to explain what this is?]

A Boy From Wales Called Gareth Bale – Helen Love [Passionate cri de coeur about a certain handsome and talented Welsh footballer]


Game on: Russia vs Slovakia

Look guys, I’ve got to let you in on something. I’m having terrible trouble finding interesting new Russian bands that aren’t aligned with various strains of far right politics. So even though you’ve all heard of Pussy Riot already, tonight Russia will be represented by their confrontational, gloriously sarcastic and grimly funny song Chaika, which always deserves another spin! Slovakia are less of a problem and so I have for you some beautiful, delicate ambient pop which by Fallgrapp.

Which country had the better song? Russia or Slovakia?

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Chaika – Pussy Riot [Audio revolution with dance routines and jokes. Please remember to turn on your subtitles]

Vlasy – Fallgrapp [Slightly dancey, delicate ambient pop that is something to do with hair]

Game on: England vs Russia

And tonight’s last match is England vs Russia, where we’re going to get the guitars out and start rocking a bit. For England, we have Black Moth from Leeds and for Russia we have СЛОТ from Moscow. Two female fronted heavy bands. Which one do you like more?

Which song did you like better, Black Moth or СЛОТ?

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Blackbirds Fall – Black Moth [Female fronted doom metal from Yorkshire]

БОЙ! – СЛОТ [Female fronted heavy doomish metal]