Dym – Fallgrapp feat Juraj Benetin

This is not our first encounter with Fallgrapp. Our Slovakian faves make the sort of dance music you need to listen to on your really good headphones to enjoy all the detailed and beautiful sounds hidden in the mix. On Dym they’ve teamed up with Juraj Benetin for a boy/girl duet (my favourite! thank you!) and his gravelly intonation contrasts beautifully with Nora’s free-flying vocals.

Fallgrapp are on tour and on Facebook


Gods of War – Celeste Buckingham

Gods of Egypt looked so naff I didn’t go and see it (was I wrong, was it a easy-watch classic?) but this track appears to be from the soundtrack. Appears to be as I can’t actually find it on a tracklisting, although my googling has been brief and impatient.

Gods of War is good and dramatic, with a steady build up to the chorus and with an aural squint I could imagine this one making a cracking Eurovision entry, there’d be slightly too much leather in the outfit and probably pyrotechnics. Something for everyone.

The break down around the 3 minute mark is reminiscent of Melissa Auf Der Maur’s finest howling and this pleases me greatly. Celeste Buckingham is a Swiss born Slovakian singer with almost ten years of career behind her – impressive for a 21 year old!

After my reaction to the video yesterday, this track doesn’t have it’s own promo video but a rather lovely fan has put to a lovely title card on this YouTube clip.


Game on: Germany vs Slovakia

Can you believe that I’ve picked three songs for Germany and none of them were really nerdy minimal techno? Neither can I.

Here we go then. For Germany, we have Worst Case with Rocket, which features all the right bleeps in all the right places and a lovely rising tone thingy that must be the titular rocket. Slovakia are no slouches at the old techno techno techno either, because coming straight out of Bratislava is Kevi Anavi with her piece (and excellent accompanying vid) Hypno.

Whose techno is more techno? Germany or Slovakia?

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Rocket – Worst Case [Bleepy, howling, rather chilly minimal techno stuff]

Hypno – Kevi Anavi [Very minimal, very cool, somewhat glitchy]



Game on: Slovakia vs England

This is tonight’s rock match, we’re getting a bit weird.

For Slovakia, we have the charming young people who call themselves Morbid Pig and their song about the restorative powers of a specific Slovakian brand of tartare sauce. It’s great. And that’s just the sauce.

For England we have Derby’s own Biscuit Mouth who make the most incredible rhythmic noises and shout wonderfully. As you can see from their video, they can also dance a little.

What did you like more - Morbid Pig or Biscuit Mouth?

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Tatarska omaska – Morbid Pig [Noisy paean to specialist condiment]

That’s some cool change, sonny, for sure – Biscuit Mouth [Disconcertingly danceable thrashing about with intense rhythms]


Game on: Russia vs Slovakia

Look guys, I’ve got to let you in on something. I’m having terrible trouble finding interesting new Russian bands that aren’t aligned with various strains of far right politics. So even though you’ve all heard of Pussy Riot already, tonight Russia will be represented by their confrontational, gloriously sarcastic and grimly funny song Chaika, which always deserves another spin! Slovakia are less of a problem and so I have for you some beautiful, delicate ambient pop which by Fallgrapp.

Which country had the better song? Russia or Slovakia?

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Chaika – Pussy Riot [Audio revolution with dance routines and jokes. Please remember to turn on your subtitles]

Vlasy – Fallgrapp [Slightly dancey, delicate ambient pop that is something to do with hair]

Game on: Wales vs Slovakia

We don’t normally cover bands from the UK at Listen Outside, but for Euro 2016 we’re making an exception. Wales’ veteran weirdoes Datblygu take on Slovakian experimental pop band PPE.

Whose song was better - Datblygu or PPE?

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Pop Peth – Datblygu [Indie y Gymraeg, very danceable]

Davaj Het – PPE [Sprightly, bouncy experimental pop]