Gods of War – Celeste Buckingham

Gods of Egypt looked so naff I didn’t go and see it (was I wrong, was it a easy-watch classic?) but this track appears to be from the soundtrack. Appears to be as I can’t actually find it on a tracklisting, although my googling has been brief and impatient.

Gods of War is good and dramatic, with a steady build up to the chorus and with an aural squint I could imagine this one making a cracking Eurovision entry, there’d be slightly too much leather in the outfit and probably pyrotechnics. Something for everyone.

The break down around the 3 minute mark is reminiscent of Melissa Auf Der Maur’s finest howling and this pleases me greatly. Celeste Buckingham is a Swiss born Slovakian singer with almost ten years of career behind her – impressive for a 21 year old!

After my reaction to the video yesterday, this track doesn’t have it’s own promo video but a rather lovely fan has put to a lovely title card on this YouTube clip.


Game on: Austria vs Hungary

I am beside myself with joy, as I bring to you two really very good songs from Austria and Hungary. Not only are these songs great, but they’re both taking the mickey out of the kind of toxic masculinity that ruins our lovely world. Austria’s alternative sports anthem Heavy Lipstick comes from the very smashing Johann Sebastian Bass. Hungary’s Belmondo bring their song I Am The Ultimate Leader to the party. The party thanks them.

Which of these mighty tunes did you prefer? Johann Sebastian Bass or Belmondo?

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Heavy Lipstick – Johann Sebastian Bass [Anthemic electropop that will enter your soul and gently buff it with rouge]

The Ultimate Leader – Belmondo [Skeletal 90’s house with a message. And a rap]

Game on: Wales vs Slovakia

We don’t normally cover bands from the UK at Listen Outside, but for Euro 2016 we’re making an exception. Wales’ veteran weirdoes Datblygu take on Slovakian experimental pop band PPE.

Whose song was better - Datblygu or PPE?

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Pop Peth – Datblygu [Indie y Gymraeg, very danceable]

Davaj Het – PPE [Sprightly, bouncy experimental pop]


Vilma Alina – Ufoja

From Finland’s thriving pop scene comes Ufoja: a lovely burst of futuristic, yet warm-hearted anthemic pop music by Vilma Alina. It’s got a lovely rising bridge, a chorus that’s rhythmically confusing enough to get stuck in your brain and just enough robotic bells and whistles to keep it interesting all the way to the end.

Vilma has been on the Finnish pop scene since about 2014, as a solo artist and playing keyboards live for fellow Finnish pop star Robin. As we’re going to keep saying at Listen Outside, you don’t have to understand the lyrics to get the song. I’ll be keeping an eye out for Vilma in the future and giving her album a listen too.

Vilma is on Spotify


As Cool As Berlin – Valeska

coolasberlinPhoto by Justin Higuchi

Who amongst us does not want to be as cool as Berlin? This 2008 song from Valeska Steiner is a walk down a back alley to a rave in a squat in Kreuzberg – which at that point was still a cool neighbourhood.

This song, with a rather farty bassline, very lazy surf riffs and tinny hipster drum machine, is really different from the rest of Valeska’s singer-songwriter material, and much more interesting. It sounds cool, but communicates the nature of being a bit of a try-hard at the same time. It also deserved to be a bigger hit than it was.

Valeska is also half of BOY, who appear to doing rather well from their Spotify page, but again none of it has quite the laconic, bubblegum-snapping charm of Cool As Berlin.

BOY are on Twitter

BOY are on Spotify

Valeska’s solo album is on Spotify