Femme Fant̫me РLockhart avec Fishbach

Continuing the party theme that we seem to have spontaneously dropped into on this unseasonably hot week in September, we’ve got a bit of French dance pop that seems to suggest the drinking of cocktails next to perfect azure hotel pools and the wearing of expensive sunglasses on French beaches.

Lockhart is a Parisian DJ/producer and Fishbach is an extremely interesting alt-pop singer songwriter. Together, they conjure up a bit of louche magic.

Lockhart generously has this song available for download on Soundcloud


Secret In The Dark – Monika


If you are a fan of the funky 70’s clavinet sound and also the ultra-louche pop of Christine and the Queens, you’ll definitely enjoy this excellent slice of modern disco from Monika. She’s from Greece and she is undoubtedly a born rock star. She seems to be incredible live – watch her do a short set here, where it sounds like Secret In The Dark is on the verge of morphing into a funky Trampled Underfoot.

Monika has a website


Game on: Italy vs Ireland

It’s Italy vs Ireland and we’re all getting a bit exhausted by the permutations. This is the last batch!

For Italy we have a jaunty sorta-Motown love song which has a bit of a melancholy edge to it. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just Wednesday.

For Ireland we have some really spacey modern disco from a band that I bet are great live, Plutonic Dust. They play live disco music and have great videos made of chopped up old pop shows.

But which do you like more?

Which country had the better song? Italy or Ireland?

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Love Me Forever – Elisa [Really upbeat pop that somehow manages to also be unbearably poignant]

Triangulate – Plutonic Dust [This is DISCO]