Game On: Tunisia vs England

There’s no way round this folks – we’re covering an England match. There is no official England team song, but I am sure you’ll all have been made aware of the CBeebies Kick song. In original and metal flavours.

For Tunisia, let’s have a blast of alternative metal. This is Bête Noire by Persona which does all of the metal things I like – big female vocals, silly guitars, complicated song structures.

For England, let’s have one of the headline acts from the Barnsley Live festival that I enjoyed at the weekend. South Yorkshire’s own Hands Off Gretel are rude, grungy and totally rocking, and this is their song My Size.


Metal Is The Law – Massacration

Tonight’s great big Olympic Opening Ceremony in Rio is doubtless going to be a spectacular celebration of Brazilian culture and all that, but I bet that they don’t include any mention of the thriving and passionate Brazilian heavy metal scene.

It was the same in the London 2012 one. Not a single snippet of Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath. No Judas Priest. Not even a sniff of Saxon. No Hawkwind either, which I was terribly disappointed by.

Anyway, in an attempt to counter this, tonight I’m showing you a song by Massacration, who are a sort of Spinal Tap type band, in that they started as a comedy act and eventually became a real band. They describe themselves as the greatest and most classic heavy metal band. I feel like I’m getting maybe 50% of the jokes because I don’t understand Brazilian Portuguese, but if you are a metal fan (or know one) I think you’ll be familiar with the tropes poked here.


Game on: Portugal vs France [METAL VERSION]

The end of this marathon of music sharing draws near. Because it’s the final, and because I had some extra tunes filed away for Portugal and France we’re having two posts for this game. This is the heavy post. There’ll be a pop post later.

Astrodome are a Portuguese doom band with very visually appealing merch. To be honest I’m not sure if they’re currently active because their website is down and the mech is out of stock, but their self-titled 2015 record Astrodome is pretty cool and the artwork reminds me of the wedding invitations I spend dozens of hours hand-crafting.

Gojira shouldn’t need any introduction to the long-term metalheads in the audience. They’re a doom metal band of an ecological bent from Bayonne in south-west France. This song, Low Lands is from their new album which came out just this weekend. Share and enjoy.

Which country has the better music? Portugal or France?

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Into the Deepest Space – Astrodome [Groovy, melting atmospheric doom]

Low Lands – Gojira [Bleak, eschatological atmospheric doom]



Game on: Iceland vs Hungary

The Icelanders are casually telling us that Hekla is stirring. It’s the geological equivalent of saying “It’d be a shame if you angered the gods of the earth by not facilitating the progress of Icelandic football” and I hope that the Austrians are listening. I don’t fancy a reprise of the Eyjafjallajökull affair.

So we have some heavy stuff indeed from Iceland in the shape of the most recent single from Great Grief and some very not heavy stuff from Austria from a band called VIECH, who’ve done nothing wrong.

Which was better? Iceland or Austria?

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Knives – Great Grief [Very noisy and abrasive metal that starts out all hardcore-esque, tours a dozen metal sub-genres and is almost short enough to enter into Eurovision]

Zentrale – VIECH [Extremely jaunty pop rock stuff with brass enhancement from some chirpy and clean cut Austrians]


Game on: Ukraine vs Northern Ireland

Good afternoon! It’s Ukraine vs Northern Ireland and we’re going to get two different flavours of heavy.

The Hardkiss of Ukraine make an extraordinary variety of music and team each song with equally extraordinary visuals. It’s often dark and not always an easy listen but it’s great stuff. (I am pretty sure they’ll pop up on Listen Outside again next year for the 2017 Ukrainian Eurovision National Selection)

Slomatics of Northern Ireland are a different proposition. This is VERY HEAVY. Small objects will vibrate. Your windows may shatter. It stuns gerbils at 20 paces. It might not be to your taste, but approach it as the dark flipside of ambient music, and you might get somewhere.

Who has the better song? Ukraine or Northern Ireland?

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Make-up – The Hardkiss [Dramatic, industrial heavy pop music with incredible style]

Electric Breath – Slomatics [Hypnotically heavy drone metal. Trust me, it kicks in at about 1 minute. Stay for the bit with the oscillating entrails.]

Game on: England vs Russia

And tonight’s last match is England vs Russia, where we’re going to get the guitars out and start rocking a bit. For England, we have Black Moth from Leeds and for Russia we have СЛОТ from Moscow. Two female fronted heavy bands. Which one do you like more?

Which song did you like better, Black Moth or СЛОТ?

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Blackbirds Fall – Black Moth [Female fronted doom metal from Yorkshire]

БОЙ! – СЛОТ [Female fronted heavy doomish metal]

Vampiros y Banqueros – Barón Rojo

Vampires and bankers! Some spirited anti-capitalist rock for you.

This is not new music, but if you’ve not heard it, it’s quite a thing. Barón Rojo are a Spanish hard rock/metal band who’ve been trucking almost continuously since 1981. If you need a higher recommendation than mine, try Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. It also sounds from some of the rhythm guitar like they’ve got some of the same songwriting harmonic template as The Misfits. Anything halfway between Maiden and The Misfits is going to be of interest to me, and that’s precisely where this song lies.

I found some of the studio albums I sampled to have aged somewhat badly in terms of production technique, but the live album that this version of Vampiros y Banqueros comes from is extremely powerful, putting their musicianship and showmanship centre stage. Their website reports that the current line-up is touring. It’s probably worth a look.

Barón Rojo have a website

Barón Rojo have tour dates