La Modernidad & Apesta – Nave Nodriza

Anarquía en España! It’s Friday night so we’re having some totally daft, thoroughly ridiculous and wonderfully sincere punk. Nave Nodriza (which means ‘mothership’) are from A Coruña and they make a bloody racket. Their album opens with a song called Teletubbies and contains a song called ‘No hay nada’. Nihilism sounds a lot better in Spanish.

They’ve put their whole album Apesta (‘stink’) on youtube. It’s the kind of album that has 13 tracks and is about 25 minutes long. Make some space for it and enjoy while wearing a black leather jacket, dousing yourself with the nastiest Spanish lager you can get your hands on.

Please come to the UK and do some shows, lads.

Nave Nodriza are on bandcamp

Nave Nodriza are on Facebook


Game on: Italy vs Spain

It’s punk o’clock! As far as I know, everything is still going to hell, so let’s enjoy a bit of the old anarchy in the EU.

For Italy, the delightful Deluded By Lesbians show their passion for football with a spirited cover of Felicita! You might also enjoy their song, Onion Rings.

For Spain, the energetic young lads of ¡Mahalo! are showing us how to have fun with their song Fun.

Who has the better fun punks? Italy or Spain?

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Felicita! – Deluded by Lesbians [Spirited punk rendition of a deeply naff pop song]

Fun – ¡Mahalo! [Summery, surfy, echoey, hooky punky stuff]



Game on: Slovakia vs England

This is tonight’s rock match, we’re getting a bit weird.

For Slovakia, we have the charming young people who call themselves Morbid Pig and their song about the restorative powers of a specific Slovakian brand of tartare sauce. It’s great. And that’s just the sauce.

For England we have Derby’s own Biscuit Mouth who make the most incredible rhythmic noises and shout wonderfully. As you can see from their video, they can also dance a little.

What did you like more - Morbid Pig or Biscuit Mouth?

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Tatarska omaska – Morbid Pig [Noisy paean to specialist condiment]

That’s some cool change, sonny, for sure – Biscuit Mouth [Disconcertingly danceable thrashing about with intense rhythms]


Game on: Spain vs Turkey

It’s Friday night. Let’s cut loose with a bit of modern punk stuff.

From Spain, we have Futuro Terror whose press material is so slangy that google translate cannot deal with it, and consequently about whom I know nothing. But they’re raucous and good.

From Turkey, we have Athena who you may recognise,  who appear now to be sufficiently establishment punk to contribute a song to the soundtrack of an animated film. Their song Geblo is catchy and and energetic and I was singing along in terrible phonetic Turkish by the end of the first play.

Is the Spanish or Turkish punk spirit more punk?

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Ectoplasma – Futuro Terror [Spooky punk with a holler-along chorus and splendidly tinny main riff]

Geblo – Athena [Don’t be fooled by the cartoon tie in – full of energy and passion!]



Game on: Russia vs Slovakia

Look guys, I’ve got to let you in on something. I’m having terrible trouble finding interesting new Russian bands that aren’t aligned with various strains of far right politics. So even though you’ve all heard of Pussy Riot already, tonight Russia will be represented by their confrontational, gloriously sarcastic and grimly funny song Chaika, which always deserves another spin! Slovakia are less of a problem and so I have for you some beautiful, delicate ambient pop which by Fallgrapp.

Which country had the better song? Russia or Slovakia?

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Chaika – Pussy Riot [Audio revolution with dance routines and jokes. Please remember to turn on your subtitles]

Vlasy – Fallgrapp [Slightly dancey, delicate ambient pop that is something to do with hair]


Game on: Poland vs Northern Ireland

Let’s have some fun today – we’ve got Poland vs Northern Ireland facing off with what can only be described as football novelty songs.

Poland are represented by Poparzeni Kawą Trzy, a veteran ska band. This record, PiłkarSKA (‘Football’ with a clever ska pun) won the competition to be the Polish team’s official Euro 2012 song.

Northern Ireland are represented by punk band 3D Shark and this is the *other* unofficial Northern Ireland Euro 2016 song, featuring actual vocals from actual NI commentating legend Jackie Fullerton.

Game on.

Whose novelty football anthem is better - Poland or Northern Ireland?

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PiłkarSKA – Poparzeni Kawą Trzy [Energetic football themed ska]


Jackie Fullerton Says (I’m In Heaven When You Score) – 3D Shark [Novelty football punk]