Amena – Iveta Mukuchyan

It is very hot in the UK today, so I’m sharing with you this empowering, simmering pop song with an utterly preposterous spoken word intro. Iveta, never change, you’re everything we could want in a pop star. You should totally follow her instagram – her life seems to be about as pop starry as it’s possible to be.

I’m glad I waited until the music video was out to show you Amena – feast your eyes on some superb sci-fi fashions and largely irrelevant jellyfish.


Hars – Iveta Mukuchyan

Day 3 of our international party week finds us visiting a traditional Armenian wedding disco. There is no ‘Oops Upside Your Head’ in Armenia. There isn’t even The Slosh. But there is a sequence of intricate group dances, an insistent and hook-laden chant and a winningly danceable combination of traditional folk drumming and very slightly cheesy floorfilling disco-pop beats. It’s nearly Jan Jan.

This is the new release by Armenia’s 2016 representative, Iveta Mukuchyan. She’s been posting instagrams from inside the studio with various other Armenian pop acts. I imagine that this isn’t the only thing that they’ve been working on…


The Witching Hour – The Bambir

bambirframeReady for a blast of rock flute? 

I think it’s fair to say there’s some strong Jethro Tull influence in this and having looked into The Bambir they’ve got an interesting backstory – the band have their origins back in 1978 with The Bambir being the second generation of the band Bambir.

They’re an Armenian prog band that make the most of their folk influences. The Witching Hour has a straightforward rock foundation with the flute woven in and out of the heavy guitar. This is exactly the sort of track I’ve grown up listening to, I’ve played it to our prog loving Dad.(Ellie: So are we all going on a family prog trip to Armenia now?)

The Bambir have tour dates on their Facebook page

The Bambir are on Bandcamp

The Bambir are on Spotify

The Bambir are on YouTube